California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo

"I'm amazed by what VZ can do."

“The way that they handle our feedback is amazing.  The customer service is amazing, providing same day responses. Their primary goal is to work for us and to make our system work. I definitely feel that they’re here to make sure our program is successful. It’s not just a business, it’s a partnership. They designed a program that could be universally used, but can be customized to meet the needs of each institution.”

“VZO is a program that is so customizable that it can pretty much accomplish anything you want to do. If it doesn’t exist yet, the staff/team is willing to go the extra mile to find a way to develop the feature and make it work. They’re willing to work with you whatever your comfort level with editing the system, giving you whatever access you want to have in editing your system, and they always meet our deadlines.”

--Jason Mockford, M.A., Assistant Coordinator, Orientation Programs, California Polytechnic State University


Software Utilized

Customer Q&A

What made you decide to hire VZ?

“At the time we needed a new system, VZ is one of very few companies who claimed to do what we needed them to do. Our old homegrown system was clunky, and did not do everything we needed. VZ gave us a system that performed better than we expected, connects much better to the storefront, reduced our phone call traffic tremendously, and works because it was specifically designed to support the work we do. VZ offers total flexibility, warm and friendly staff that are very responsive and willing to brainstorm. They hear out our crazy ideas and deliver by the deadline.”

"The VZ Orientation software comes pre-loaded with too many features to fully understand in a demonstration. It wasn't until about halfway into our program we discovered the power of the canned reports and event grouping modules. The VZ developers really have taken a good package and added enough versatility to make it great. And from an administrative stand point, I was thrilled with the responsiveness of the VZ staff. They were timely, available, and creative with their solutions for our unique program."

Did you have any reservations about hiring VZ? How have those factors been addressed?

“My office had no reservations about switching to VZ. Our campus IT colleagues had a number of questions about Accessibility, Information Security re: confidentiality of student records, and the security of payment information and the Storefront. David Morales from VZ got on the phone with our IT people, and in no time at all, had alleviated their concerns. We ended up using a campus-based payment system to satisfy the campus Accounting office at the time, but our colleagues have been so pleased by all facets of VZ that we may just switch to the VZ storefront soon too! We may actually use the information we collect from students in VZ Sunflower to update official university records.”

What results has VZ helped you to achieve?

“Our students have a better overall Orientation experience because they did not have trouble with Registration. A frustrating signup system sets the tone for the whole system, and our old, homegrown system caused so many issues that our student phone and email traffic to the office was unmanageable. VZ Orientation solved this for us, with an immediate and significant reduction in the volume of calls we receive since implementing VZ Orientation. I attribute that to the ease of use of the VZ site, as well as the multitude of options available to customize in-application help text. VZ’s text messaging integration feature will be huge, and we cannot wait to put it to use. It will save us money immediately, and be much more convenient for us. Overall, VZ has helped us make all of our communication more effective, efficient and convenient.”