Solutions through Engagement

Build stronger connections between what matters at your institution with higher tech solutions for...


For more than 19 years, VZ has been providing innovative, agile technology for the seamless management of the student life cycle from propsect to enrolled. We help simplify the student journey with proven technology configured for your needs. Tools such as online applications, orientation reservation management, guided task lists, online orientation sessions, and much more, help deliver a great experience from start to finish.


Family and alumni play a critical part in admissions, transition, and retention for the student. VZ offers solutions that are both in tandem and independent from their experience. Features such as online orientation, special event management for events like Family Weekend, a robust communication package, further connects everyone with your institution.


Behind the scenes, the administrative experience puts all the pieces together by providing department-specific tools.  Needs such as data integration, student and family management, real-time report generation/sharing, and other amazing features are available in a secure and user-friendly environment built for your day-to-day functionality.